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Is The Swine Flu Vaccine Safe?

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Is the swine flu vaccine safe?

In what is being seen as the first of many such actions to come, nine individuals have filed formal charges claiming that the H1N1 campaign is a deliberate attempt to poison the French population.

Jean-Pierre Joseph, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, describes the vaccination campaign as “A veritable attempt to poison.” He confirmed that the charges were filed at the High Court in Grenoble before the court’s senior examining magistrate. He said other court cases involving other plaintiffs would begin soon.

The various charges filed included one of “Attempting to administer substances…of a nature which could result in death.” Here is the website: .

Well let us examine some history of flu vaccine, where the flu vaccine has killed more people than the virus; Here is the history of flu vaccines: .

Here is Dr. Russell’s account of how dangerous the vaccine is: .

And the common ingredients of vaccines or additives (call adjuvants); such as squalene that has never been tested for side effects and is a suspect. Most booster shots and seasonal flu or swine flu vaccines contain dangerous levels of mercury in the form of thimerosal, a deadly preservative 50-times more toxic than mercury itself. In our opinion, no one should be injected with it however especially not infants, children, and pregnant women who should not be injected with thimerosal. Then there are adjuvants like the mixture of gelatin ... antigen (HbSAg), genetically cloned into GMO yeast and aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide, which can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis, which is Hypersensitivity to a substance, such as foreign protein or a synthetic drug, which is caused by that exposure and macrophage, and are the likely causes of the after symptoms of children who get the booster shots, flu shots and any other vaccine. An alert has been secretly issued by our government official in a letter to neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. The letter was leaked to the “Mail” (which is a British newspaper.

Those of us in the wellness industry are under attack from medical pharmaceutical sickness industry's strong arm backers, the federal government who gives billions of dollars to drug companies to fast track a swine flu vaccine and then removes them from any liability from error or harm it may cause. Health and Human Services secretary is Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, 60, a former state insurance commissioner who tried but failed as governor to widen state health insurance coverage, is the person who made the sweetheart deal just mentioned, a grant in the amount of 7-billion dollars to the drug companies to fast track an H1N1 vaccine and, gave them complete immunity from lawsuits.

Under punishment of law bought and paid for by big drug companies through their lobbyists, the wellness industry that uses nothing synthetic and drugs are synthetic, can make no “disease” "treatment" or "cure" claims for anything natural. The laws that are paid for and in place state: you must be a synthetic pharmaceutical drug to make these claims. Our natural Rejuvenis OSH Silver, natural to the body supplement, offers profound immune benefits because of its ability to intervene with select bacteria in three key ways almost simultaneously. Central to all three is the ability of ionic sliver to denature (dose-dependent permanent inactivation) essential microorganism’s protein and DNA:

1. One type of essential protein maintains the integrity of the cell’s membrane and boundaries. Once the membrane becomes unstable, the cell begins to rupture.
2. Simultaneously, the smallest particle sizes of ionic silver may more easily penetrate the membrane pores of the bacteria. Once penetration occurs, life-essential enzyme reactions governing cell metabolism go into partial or full arrest.
3. As the silver further penetrates the most interior recesses of the cell, the genetic building blocks (nucleic acids) of the germs are paralyzed, ending the ability of the invaders to replicate. Germs and Virus can’t get immune to this.

You would be wise to investigate how effective our Rejuvenis OSH Silver is on swine flu or any virus, which is ionic, not colloidal, is for yourself and ask why ionic silver is being pursued by the powers that be, to remove it from the market place. The government controlled agencies are attacking all of in the wellness industry professionals including Dr. Andrew Wiles for the slightest claims of any nature, that anything natural will help you, and this is all to insure that your family will get the vaccines and that the synthetic drugs remain dominant in our country.

Let me be quite clear: I distrust a government which permits dangerous, un-tested, un-insurable toxic vaccines and then urges them upon an entire population in a cover up of epic proportions.

I distrust a government which forbids the labeling of genetically modified foods.

I distrust a government which has experimented massively upon its own people without their knowledge or consent (including providing poor mothers with baby cereal laced with plutonium and monitoring their infants to see how quickly they developed cancer!). We have the website for anyone interested in reading .

I distrust a Secretary of Health and Human Services who is willing to sacrifice all who are ill-informed especially our young; and she knowing the answer to: Is the swine flu vaccine safe?

Lacking any confidence in these drug companies, agencies and individuals who are selected by the Health & Human Services Secretary, I certainly do not want their "Pandemic Vaccine" in my body.

We must tell State and Federal Legislators that we want the right to at least self quarantine and take our own substances to heal ourselves. We have to take action now in the event of mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations. Contact me please:

We can through the following website, where we must tell State and Federal Legislators that we want the right to self quarantine and take our own substances to heal ourselves, in the event of Swine Flu vaccinations. We have clients who were diagnosed with H1N1 virus that have elected to take our pure ionic silver in the stead of taking the vaccines and medications prescribed by their doctors and after taking our ionize silver were completely clear of the H1N1 virus in 3-days.

This is the letter I wrote to my congressman concerning government robbing us of our choices. I can furnish you this web-link to voice your own opinion . Please contact me: My letter states:

I am writing to you on a matter of grave personal concern at the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a not for profit humanitarian company, devoted to health and health freedom, to educate decision makers and to petition for respect for our basic human rights. This letter is regarding the proposed Protecting Americans' Self-Shielding bill.

When the people of this district elected you, we anticipated that, true to your election words, you would protect our well-being and our rights. The proposed enforcement of mandatory treatment, including mandatory vaccines, for any alleged "pandemic" condition is both a violation of that commitment and a violation of my rights to control my own body and make my own health choices. I have clients that have taken my ionized silver product who have had the H1N1 virus and became totally free of the virus in a few-days. I will not take, nor will my clients take any vaccine. If you want to protect yourself and your family do not take any vaccine and contact me at 954-742-4430 or go to my website

Both State and Federal legislation now provides for the mandatory vaccination, drugging or incarceration for those who refuse such "treatment."

The hype and hysteria of the media and the distortion of the science of infection and contagion by governmental and international bodies, coupled with the pharmaceutical industry's headlong rush to force yet more profits from vaccines, which are un-tested, un-insurable and dangerous, and from drugs which are known to be both ineffective and unsafe, leads me to write to you, to urge you to push back this potentially deadly tide of political pandemic response.

Independent physicians such as Dr. Ron Paul MD, Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD, Dr. Julian Whittaker MD, Dr. Joseph Mercola DO, Dr. John Wilson MD, Dr. William Rea MD and Dr. William Sears MD, among others, have all warned about the dangers of forced vaccination and the ineffectiveness of such measures to stop infectious disease. Their independent medical opinions must be given great weight while the self-serving opinions of government "experts" who demand forced vaccinations must be discounted as biased.

It is a clear violation of the Constitutional provisions against both slavery and indentured servitude since a free, un-indentured or en-slaved person may make his/her own health choices while an in-dentured servant or slave's body is owned by a master who may make health decisions about the body of the slave which may be enforced on a compulsory basis.

In addition to the moral and cultural repugnance which mandatory treatment invokes, it violates the rights of citizens and introduces the possibility of harm to them which cannot, under the current legal structure, be recompensed. Vaccination is an un-insurable risk and vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability for dangerous or even deadly products, while vaccines have never been proven to be either safe or effective. On the other hand, even the CDC admits that there are risks of significant proportion, with vaccines.

Any "pandemic vaccine" would be un-tested upon its use as predicted by the CDC and World Health Organization in the fall of 2009. The possibilities for disaster are enormous. Those of us who do not desire these "treatments" should be free to make such a choice with the endorsement and support of the State.

As a person who is neither an in-den-tured servant, nor a slave, but a member of your constituency, I urge you in the strongest terms to:

1. Commit to holding fact finding hearings in the immediate future to evaluate the true status of the pandemic threat and pandemic treatment safety; the Baxter Pharmaceutical incident earlier this year where annual flu vaccines intended for 18 countries were "accidentally" contaminated by live Avian Flu viruses, must be fully investigated.

2. Commit to putting your efforts toward reversing dangerous legislation and policies which can endanger the lives and health of the members of your constituency

3. Provide for sanction-free personal exemptions from proposed mandatory drug or vaccination treatment, instead offering people who do not wish to be so treated the opportunity and support necessary for self-quarantine, self treatment and self-shield at home, if needed for public safety reasons. Such support would include food, water and communication support, provision of medications or supplies of their choice and other means which support their choice and safety. This alternative would be far less expensive and socially disruptive than the forced relocation of "vaccine refusers" in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

We demand full recognition of our right to protect ourselves in our own homes through our own choices.

Thank you for your support of liberty and of your sworn duty to protect both the US Constitution and the well-being of your constituents.

We can provide you with a link to the text of the bill for which we are seeking congressional sponsorship, the Protecting Americans' Self-Shielding Act [Protecting Americans Act] .

Contact me please:

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Business Directory for Tamarac, Florida


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