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Donald Trump Health May Not Be True Health!

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You must decide, but I think that it is sad that so many are joining the Ideal Health club, recently acquired by Donald Trump; thinking that it must be good, otherwise why put the Trump name on it. I can see why Mr. Trump purchased it; the fact that he purchased it, still means absolutely nothing insofar as credibility, for the products or procedures the company offers. He purchased the company because he either researched himself or, trusted other research that showed the existence of a paradigm shift in this country that has been going on for the past 10-plus years. That shift is from the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry to natural to the body wellness industry, which is prevention and improved health, naturally, that baby boomers, who control the economy, are searching for. The reason I say that it is sad people are joining this so called health group, is because they are missing a true wellness organization, the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc. This link is a message to the NetWork people who are to build the distributor sales teams:

Let me explain further; I have researched the products of Mr. Trumps newly purchased company, as I do for any company furnishing products that state they improve health, so I can compare with my own. My research concerning natural health has stretched back over the course of 30-years and is quite thorough. When I bring something into my clinics and state that they improve health, I say that with certainty. The reason I can say it with certainty, is because I can measure its effectiveness in each person’s body, through laser, electrical impedance, Thermography, forensic hair analysis and saliva. Why not blood and urine, as stated testing methods by the new found health company? The answer is, exit testing with urine, is absolutely useless in anything other than proving to a client that toxins are moving out of the body; and what is exiting the body is sporadic. When I use urine testing it is only to show my clients that toxins are exiting the body when they are on my Detoxification program. Why not test blood you might say? I would say, because blood only gives you a 48-hour window into what a person has just consumed, not whether or not it reached the cells in the body. Laser is a six month look, or window into your body’s cells, as to what reached them from what you have consumed over the course of 6-months. When we test for hormonal imbalances in men or women, we must use saliva to be able to measure the hormones on the binding protein, which are the red blood cells. Here is a link to explain the difference between blood and saliva. Oh you might add, now you are saying red blood cells are important; and I say yes, that is why we must test the saliva. Before you pull your hair out, if you did not read the above link, let me explain in short; when you take a blood sample for hormone testing, you centrifuge the blood and this removes the red and white blood cells. Many other reasons we must use saliva, but this short message won’t be covering them, you can review the above link provided.

Next you should always read labels and do your research on products you associate yourself with. Mr. Trump I am certain, is not aware of health and wellness, or at least to any great depth; his intention is to follow the trend that he has been shown or has discovered for himself, and that is the paradigm shift which is occurring in this country and has been for the past 10-years. That paradigm shift is a transition from the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry-- to that of the natural to the body wellness industry. Having said that, if Mr. Trump had been extremely knowledgeable about health, he would have recognized some of the ingredients of the products his new company produced and quite possibly would have made the decision to pass on the purchase of that company.

I will give you an example of one of the ingredients and that being soy; soy is a phytoestrogen. This may mean a lot, or very little to you, depending on your knowledge of science and physiology. Phytoestrogen is an endocrine disruptor. When I am in the process of beginning my hormonal balancing program with a female, one of my questions on my questionnaire is: Do you eat soy or tofu. To be able to begin the process of balancing hormones one must eliminate endocrine disruptors from the diet.

You would be surprised as to how many products contain soy and this is the reason I get my clients to read all the labels of the food they will be providing to themselves and their families, as well as the products they intend to put on their body. Not only soy is bad for your health but genetically modified ingredients are as well, which the FDA says is not important to put on the label, so you never know what they are, unless you go to my website and translate the information listed on the labels. I will speak of one, fructose corn syrup; anytime the word fructose is used in any form, stay as far away from it as possible.

Next you would be surprised at how many skincare products contain progesterone or phytoestrogen. Labels must be read and every time you see an endocrine disruptor or genetically modified ingredient, run from it.

You are welcome to collaborate with me, but those who do, must be educating themselves to what good health really is, and how to improve it, with the solemn use of science backed technology and not strictly sales motivated. If your game I can get you started promoting supplements that truly matter as well as promoting the correct water that must be consumed. And here is the science behind that water statement.

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At October 30, 2009 at 2:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with you about Trumps products. I feel he is only in it for the money, not to really help people. His character to me has showed that over the years.

I personally take fruits and vegetables in capsule form that has primary gold standard research not secondary to prove it works and will continue too as long as I am breathing! Salute my friend


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