Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Equity Partner Search!

The Anti-Aging Clinic concept is the most researched and well thought out wellness and beauty institute the world has ever been introduced to that is so unique our concept has an unfair advantage over the competition. In order to take our concept to the next level, which is developing other clinics, at a rate of-5 at a time in each general area, creating a viral expansion, we require an equity investor in the amount of 50-million. Why 5-at a time? It takes the same to advertise and train for one, as it does for 5-in a general area. Our concept consists of improving health and beauty through developed rejuvenation in a safe non-pharmaceutical environment that promotes the body cycle necessary to augment good health, incorporating the multi sciences of testing to help in designing specific health programs that improve the immune system, cardiovascular system and hormonal system, along with our detoxification program. We provide skin rejuvenation with our private label professional grade skincare products and treatments designed through our research and development phase-1 for the past 8-years. In the portion of the concept that deals in beauty, we have developed treatments that decrease wrinkles and smooth the skin non-invasively, as well as treatments and products that work synergistically with the face-lift treatments as well as treatments, programs and products that help weight management & body contouring.

We have developed a unique training method that first requires skin in the game and instills teamwork with penalties and rewards that demands quality, which is an approach to training that insures consistency, distributor longevity and results which, garner the finest advertising you can have, which is word of mouth.

We are not interested in speaking to brokers, please do not reply, but we would like to converse with a positive forward thinking equity investor who sees our wellness industry for what it is. The fastest growing industry in America and the industry that is affected the least, by economy. Baby Boomers are searching for what we can deliver; this is the fastest growing group of people in America.

Contact David Tippie at: 954-742-4430 or email: tippiedavid@yahoo.com
The website is: http://www.livelonger123.com

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is The Swine Flu Vaccine Safe?

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Is the swine flu vaccine safe?

In what is being seen as the first of many such actions to come, nine individuals have filed formal charges claiming that the H1N1 campaign is a deliberate attempt to poison the French population.

Jean-Pierre Joseph, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, describes the vaccination campaign as “A veritable attempt to poison.” He confirmed that the charges were filed at the High Court in Grenoble before the court’s senior examining magistrate. He said other court cases involving other plaintiffs would begin soon.

The various charges filed included one of “Attempting to administer substances…of a nature which could result in death.” Here is the website: .

Well let us examine some history of flu vaccine, where the flu vaccine has killed more people than the virus; Here is the history of flu vaccines: .

Here is Dr. Russell’s account of how dangerous the vaccine is: .

And the common ingredients of vaccines or additives (call adjuvants); such as squalene that has never been tested for side effects and is a suspect. Most booster shots and seasonal flu or swine flu vaccines contain dangerous levels of mercury in the form of thimerosal, a deadly preservative 50-times more toxic than mercury itself. In our opinion, no one should be injected with it however especially not infants, children, and pregnant women who should not be injected with thimerosal. Then there are adjuvants like the mixture of gelatin ... antigen (HbSAg), genetically cloned into GMO yeast and aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide, which can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis, which is Hypersensitivity to a substance, such as foreign protein or a synthetic drug, which is caused by that exposure and macrophage, and are the likely causes of the after symptoms of children who get the booster shots, flu shots and any other vaccine. An alert has been secretly issued by our government official in a letter to neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. The letter was leaked to the “Mail” (which is a British newspaper.

Those of us in the wellness industry are under attack from medical pharmaceutical sickness industry's strong arm backers, the federal government who gives billions of dollars to drug companies to fast track a swine flu vaccine and then removes them from any liability from error or harm it may cause. Health and Human Services secretary is Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, 60, a former state insurance commissioner who tried but failed as governor to widen state health insurance coverage, is the person who made the sweetheart deal just mentioned, a grant in the amount of 7-billion dollars to the drug companies to fast track an H1N1 vaccine and, gave them complete immunity from lawsuits.

Under punishment of law bought and paid for by big drug companies through their lobbyists, the wellness industry that uses nothing synthetic and drugs are synthetic, can make no “disease” "treatment" or "cure" claims for anything natural. The laws that are paid for and in place state: you must be a synthetic pharmaceutical drug to make these claims. Our natural Rejuvenis OSH Silver, natural to the body supplement, offers profound immune benefits because of its ability to intervene with select bacteria in three key ways almost simultaneously. Central to all three is the ability of ionic sliver to denature (dose-dependent permanent inactivation) essential microorganism’s protein and DNA:

1. One type of essential protein maintains the integrity of the cell’s membrane and boundaries. Once the membrane becomes unstable, the cell begins to rupture.
2. Simultaneously, the smallest particle sizes of ionic silver may more easily penetrate the membrane pores of the bacteria. Once penetration occurs, life-essential enzyme reactions governing cell metabolism go into partial or full arrest.
3. As the silver further penetrates the most interior recesses of the cell, the genetic building blocks (nucleic acids) of the germs are paralyzed, ending the ability of the invaders to replicate. Germs and Virus can’t get immune to this.

You would be wise to investigate how effective our Rejuvenis OSH Silver is on swine flu or any virus, which is ionic, not colloidal, is for yourself and ask why ionic silver is being pursued by the powers that be, to remove it from the market place. The government controlled agencies are attacking all of in the wellness industry professionals including Dr. Andrew Wiles for the slightest claims of any nature, that anything natural will help you, and this is all to insure that your family will get the vaccines and that the synthetic drugs remain dominant in our country.

Let me be quite clear: I distrust a government which permits dangerous, un-tested, un-insurable toxic vaccines and then urges them upon an entire population in a cover up of epic proportions.

I distrust a government which forbids the labeling of genetically modified foods.

I distrust a government which has experimented massively upon its own people without their knowledge or consent (including providing poor mothers with baby cereal laced with plutonium and monitoring their infants to see how quickly they developed cancer!). We have the website for anyone interested in reading .

I distrust a Secretary of Health and Human Services who is willing to sacrifice all who are ill-informed especially our young; and she knowing the answer to: Is the swine flu vaccine safe?

Lacking any confidence in these drug companies, agencies and individuals who are selected by the Health & Human Services Secretary, I certainly do not want their "Pandemic Vaccine" in my body.

We must tell State and Federal Legislators that we want the right to at least self quarantine and take our own substances to heal ourselves. We have to take action now in the event of mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations. Contact me please: davidtippie@anti-agingcliniccpc.com

We can through the following website, where we must tell State and Federal Legislators that we want the right to self quarantine and take our own substances to heal ourselves, in the event of Swine Flu vaccinations. We have clients who were diagnosed with H1N1 virus that have elected to take our pure ionic silver in the stead of taking the vaccines and medications prescribed by their doctors and after taking our ionize silver were completely clear of the H1N1 virus in 3-days.

This is the letter I wrote to my congressman concerning government robbing us of our choices. I can furnish you this web-link to voice your own opinion . Please contact me: My letter states:

I am writing to you on a matter of grave personal concern at the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a not for profit humanitarian company, devoted to health and health freedom, to educate decision makers and to petition for respect for our basic human rights. This letter is regarding the proposed Protecting Americans' Self-Shielding bill.

When the people of this district elected you, we anticipated that, true to your election words, you would protect our well-being and our rights. The proposed enforcement of mandatory treatment, including mandatory vaccines, for any alleged "pandemic" condition is both a violation of that commitment and a violation of my rights to control my own body and make my own health choices. I have clients that have taken my ionized silver product who have had the H1N1 virus and became totally free of the virus in a few-days. I will not take, nor will my clients take any vaccine. If you want to protect yourself and your family do not take any vaccine and contact me at 954-742-4430 or go to my website www.livelonger123.com.

Both State and Federal legislation now provides for the mandatory vaccination, drugging or incarceration for those who refuse such "treatment."

The hype and hysteria of the media and the distortion of the science of infection and contagion by governmental and international bodies, coupled with the pharmaceutical industry's headlong rush to force yet more profits from vaccines, which are un-tested, un-insurable and dangerous, and from drugs which are known to be both ineffective and unsafe, leads me to write to you, to urge you to push back this potentially deadly tide of political pandemic response.

Independent physicians such as Dr. Ron Paul MD, Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD, Dr. Julian Whittaker MD, Dr. Joseph Mercola DO, Dr. John Wilson MD, Dr. William Rea MD and Dr. William Sears MD, among others, have all warned about the dangers of forced vaccination and the ineffectiveness of such measures to stop infectious disease. Their independent medical opinions must be given great weight while the self-serving opinions of government "experts" who demand forced vaccinations must be discounted as biased.

It is a clear violation of the Constitutional provisions against both slavery and indentured servitude since a free, un-indentured or en-slaved person may make his/her own health choices while an in-dentured servant or slave's body is owned by a master who may make health decisions about the body of the slave which may be enforced on a compulsory basis.

In addition to the moral and cultural repugnance which mandatory treatment invokes, it violates the rights of citizens and introduces the possibility of harm to them which cannot, under the current legal structure, be recompensed. Vaccination is an un-insurable risk and vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability for dangerous or even deadly products, while vaccines have never been proven to be either safe or effective. On the other hand, even the CDC admits that there are risks of significant proportion, with vaccines.

Any "pandemic vaccine" would be un-tested upon its use as predicted by the CDC and World Health Organization in the fall of 2009. The possibilities for disaster are enormous. Those of us who do not desire these "treatments" should be free to make such a choice with the endorsement and support of the State.

As a person who is neither an in-den-tured servant, nor a slave, but a member of your constituency, I urge you in the strongest terms to:

1. Commit to holding fact finding hearings in the immediate future to evaluate the true status of the pandemic threat and pandemic treatment safety; the Baxter Pharmaceutical incident earlier this year where annual flu vaccines intended for 18 countries were "accidentally" contaminated by live Avian Flu viruses, must be fully investigated.

2. Commit to putting your efforts toward reversing dangerous legislation and policies which can endanger the lives and health of the members of your constituency

3. Provide for sanction-free personal exemptions from proposed mandatory drug or vaccination treatment, instead offering people who do not wish to be so treated the opportunity and support necessary for self-quarantine, self treatment and self-shield at home, if needed for public safety reasons. Such support would include food, water and communication support, provision of medications or supplies of their choice and other means which support their choice and safety. This alternative would be far less expensive and socially disruptive than the forced relocation of "vaccine refusers" in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

We demand full recognition of our right to protect ourselves in our own homes through our own choices.

Thank you for your support of liberty and of your sworn duty to protect both the US Constitution and the well-being of your constituents.

We can provide you with a link to the text of the bill for which we are seeking congressional sponsorship, the Protecting Americans' Self-Shielding Act [Protecting Americans Act] .

Contact me please: davidtippie@anti-agingcliniccpc.com

Business Directory for Tamarac, Florida

Business Directory for Tamarac, Florida


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Donald Trump Health May Not Be True Health!

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You must decide, but I think that it is sad that so many are joining the Ideal Health club, recently acquired by Donald Trump; thinking that it must be good, otherwise why put the Trump name on it. I can see why Mr. Trump purchased it; the fact that he purchased it, still means absolutely nothing insofar as credibility, for the products or procedures the company offers. He purchased the company because he either researched himself or, trusted other research that showed the existence of a paradigm shift in this country that has been going on for the past 10-plus years. That shift is from the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry to natural to the body wellness industry, which is prevention and improved health, naturally, that baby boomers, who control the economy, are searching for. The reason I say that it is sad people are joining this so called health group, is because they are missing a true wellness organization, the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc. This link is a message to the NetWork people who are to build the distributor sales teams: http://practicegoodhealth.blogspot.com/2010/01/to-network-marketer-its-your-logic-that.html

Let me explain further; I have researched the products of Mr. Trumps newly purchased company, as I do for any company furnishing products that state they improve health, so I can compare with my own. My research concerning natural health has stretched back over the course of 30-years and is quite thorough. When I bring something into my clinics and state that they improve health, I say that with certainty. The reason I can say it with certainty, is because I can measure its effectiveness in each person’s body, through laser, electrical impedance, Thermography, forensic hair analysis and saliva. Why not blood and urine, as stated testing methods by the new found health company? The answer is, exit testing with urine, is absolutely useless in anything other than proving to a client that toxins are moving out of the body; and what is exiting the body is sporadic. When I use urine testing it is only to show my clients that toxins are exiting the body when they are on my Detoxification program. Why not test blood you might say? I would say, because blood only gives you a 48-hour window into what a person has just consumed, not whether or not it reached the cells in the body. Laser is a six month look, or window into your body’s cells, as to what reached them from what you have consumed over the course of 6-months. When we test for hormonal imbalances in men or women, we must use saliva to be able to measure the hormones on the binding protein, which are the red blood cells. Here is a link to explain the difference between blood and saliva. Oh you might add, now you are saying red blood cells are important; and I say yes, that is why we must test the saliva. Before you pull your hair out, if you did not read the above link, let me explain in short; when you take a blood sample for hormone testing, you centrifuge the blood and this removes the red and white blood cells. Many other reasons we must use saliva, but this short message won’t be covering them, you can review the above link provided.

Next you should always read labels and do your research on products you associate yourself with. Mr. Trump I am certain, is not aware of health and wellness, or at least to any great depth; his intention is to follow the trend that he has been shown or has discovered for himself, and that is the paradigm shift which is occurring in this country and has been for the past 10-years. That paradigm shift is a transition from the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry-- to that of the natural to the body wellness industry. Having said that, if Mr. Trump had been extremely knowledgeable about health, he would have recognized some of the ingredients of the products his new company produced and quite possibly would have made the decision to pass on the purchase of that company.

I will give you an example of one of the ingredients and that being soy; soy is a phytoestrogen. This may mean a lot, or very little to you, depending on your knowledge of science and physiology. Phytoestrogen is an endocrine disruptor. When I am in the process of beginning my hormonal balancing program with a female, one of my questions on my questionnaire is: Do you eat soy or tofu. To be able to begin the process of balancing hormones one must eliminate endocrine disruptors from the diet.

You would be surprised as to how many products contain soy and this is the reason I get my clients to read all the labels of the food they will be providing to themselves and their families, as well as the products they intend to put on their body. Not only soy is bad for your health but genetically modified ingredients are as well, which the FDA says is not important to put on the label, so you never know what they are, unless you go to my website and translate the information listed on the labels. I will speak of one, fructose corn syrup; anytime the word fructose is used in any form, stay as far away from it as possible.

Next you would be surprised at how many skincare products contain progesterone or phytoestrogen. Labels must be read and every time you see an endocrine disruptor or genetically modified ingredient, run from it.

You are welcome to collaborate with me, but those who do, must be educating themselves to what good health really is, and how to improve it, with the solemn use of science backed technology and not strictly sales motivated. If your game I can get you started promoting supplements that truly matter as well as promoting the correct water that must be consumed. And here is the science behind that water statement.

Got the flu or worse, "swine flu", protect yourself and your family’s heath with Rejuvenis OSH Silver this should be in everybody’s medicine cabinet. Our supplements are proven to improve health in everyone. If you are a type-1 diabetic then our suggestion is to follow this program. If you are type-II diabetic our suggestion is to follow this program. Want to increase muscle and decrease fat, then Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor is right for you. Want to look your best when you become healthy on the inside, then our Aging Younger professional skincare products are designed specifically for you.

Let me help you recognize your bad habits and help you improve them.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Only Sure Thing In Life Was Death, Now I Have A Better Answer For A Sure Thing, “small business” Across The US!

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Opportunity is a big challenge in our life. If we are successful we grab opportunity at the right time, and achieve great success and or great health. Because what good is wealth without your health?
In this article we discuss the opportunity of wealth and health. How you grab opportunity will depend on how you react or respond to opportunities from your past. When presented with an opportunity one person may grab it while another may pay no attention to it or feel indifferent to it. Those who grab it fast track to success while those who ignore it stay where they are, or they regress. Most individuals do not pay attention or they do not realize the importance of opportunity.

Normally those who are lethargic about opportunity are same with their health, in either case it is great loss. It is on every news paper and television program, Health care.
The Anti-Aging Clinic is the light that science shines on your future health! We have a solution for your past poor lifestyle choices that will reduce illness and disease and extend quality of life. Our proof to you, of your improved health, is with the science of measurement. As you will see and feel results this insures your opportunity for success with our programs, through your consistency.

How will we make more and better profits without increasing price or devaluing products or services? By advertising and expanding across this nation! Our products and programs take unfair advantage over our competitors and take control of the baby-boomer generation who control the wealth in our country, by giving them the non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive results they are searching for .
If you or anyone you know would be interested, or who's working on something similar, or who's working in the investment world, and would consider investing to bring this concept nationwide, then talk to me via email davidtippie@anti-agingclinccpc.com or, take my information for future contact. Further review an Anti-Aging Clinic Client who had H1N1-Swine-flu who does not have it any longer due to taking our Rejuvenis OSH Silver seen on this link: http://www.livelonger123.com/Vitamins/Argentyn23SilverFacts.htm Listen to her testimonial on this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/AgingYounger/2009/08/19/Aging-Younger

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swine Flu (H1N1) Can It Be Killed Naturally?

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Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver ”,: in today’s dangerous world is the most important substance you can put into your body; Swine Flu-H1N1, no more signs after taking Rejuvenis OSH silver.

Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver is an ultra pure silver containing nothing but pure water and silver ions. This gives it an advantage over the controversial colloidal silver in two ways. It increases particle charge and concentration and it avoids impurities or large clusters of silver that can lodge in the skin and cause argyria (graying of the skin). You could take 23 ppm Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver at 3 teaspoonfuls daily for 70 years and still not exceed the EPA guidelines for the LOAEL (Lowest Observed Adverse Event Level).

Though we can make no “disease” claims for our Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver ”,: , some studies indicate that it may also be an effective cancer-killing agent. In Vitro testing there have been studies that showed dose dependent killing power of fibro sarcoma cells. This was verified in human studies.

How it kills cancer is speculative at this time. One theory has it, that pathogenic microorganisms cause virtually all cancers; and, that silver kills them.

About the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc., The Anti-Aging Clinic is the most researched and well thought out wellness and beauty institute the world has ever been introduced to that is so unique it has an unfair advantage over the competition. Also see our blog reporting: Is the swine flu vaccine safe?”,:

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Depression, a chemical and nutritional imbalance

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Every person has the blues from time to time. But when they take place on a more frequent basis, you should start to be concerned. Some of the time it can be due to events that take place in your life, with women, it can be having a baby or pre and post menopause. This can be a very stressful time in your life and this is when balancing the body is not only important, it becomes crucial. Balancing your nutritional intake intelligently is always advisable, processed foods tend to bring your energy level down as well as your mood. But, even more important, is balancing you endocrine system ”,: . Your hormones play a major role in all of the body’s functions, including depression. Depression is more than just feeling “blue” or “down in the dumps” for a few days. It’s a serious illness that involves the brain. With depression, sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings don’t go away and interfere with day-to-day life and routines. These feelings can be mild to severe. The good news is that most people with depression can get better with treatment.

The Anti-Aging Clinic offers our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy ”,: . The difference between Saliva & Blood Testing ”,: . Saliva testing over the course of one month to determine exactly what hormonal deficiencies and abundances there are and then, using our questionnaire ”,: and the laboratory reports ”,: we design a BHRT program specifically for your needs. Our compounding pharmacist uniquely formulates this correct dosage of micronized hormones in lozenge form, that is placed under the tongue daily. Balancing the endocrine system is critical for good mental as well as physical health. All disease comes from metabolic imbalance. When the underlying metabolic imbalance is corrected, the illness may go away. If you fail to keep up the correction, for the underlying metabolic imbalance or the illness may return. We help you fight back with hormone balancing and, with nutritional awareness ”,: . You can adjust your diet to help stabilize your mood. It is crucial to eat meals at regular intervals with the purpose of keeping your serotonin levels in check. Serotonin ”,: is a chemical in the brain that has a calming effect. High-quality nutrition is the best adjunct to BHRT for fighting depression as well as improving health overall. Several studies have confirmed that people who suffer from depression also have lower levels of antioxidants ”,: including vitamin-E ”,: .

Dark green vegetables ”,: such as spinach and peas are high in folate. It is a substance that has a key role in the production of serotonin. Eat fresh vegetables, because canned versions usually have lower nutritional value with sodium.

Other foods we mention to our clients are Chickpeas, garlic and fiber. Chicken and turkey are both rich in vitamin B6 ”,: , which also has an important role in serotonin production.

If you’ve been dealing with the symptoms of depression for some time you need to become involved with our natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We can help you no matter where you live. Our questionnaire can be handled over the phone and our saliva testing panel can be mailed you for collect at home, then you mail to the laboratory.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weight loss using Intelligence

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Living life to the fullest is our passion. Showing others how to live that way is our mission. Please click on our website ”,: and order your Rejuvenis max ”,: today and we will send you a program that you can easily adapt to that will help you create a healthy more beautiful life. Add the food to your diet that will burn the most calories and create Catabolism along with supplementing with Rejuvenis Max Growth factor. Catabolism is the breakdown of more complex substances into simpler ones with release of energy. In other words, there are certain foods that if eaten, will actually burn more calories than they contain. Nearly everything we eat contains calories, that is, if it's real food and not processed. A bottle of Diet Cola for example contains ZERO calories because it's not food, what it amounts to is poisonous Aspartame and other toxic to the body chemicals that reduce wellness.

If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose fat weight and not lean muscle. Lean muscle metabolizes and fat does not. So it's actually healthy to snack on catabolic foods throughout the day when you get hungry, and you'll be losing fat weight in the process.

Some foods, like a piece of chocolate cake baptized in chocolate icing, are high in calories, and normally get stored as fat due to the fact that it takes a long while to burn off, as well as making you hungry in a few short minutes after consuming it. Other foods, like romaine lettuce, are low in calories but high in nutrients, and can be burned off faster. Your body is always burning calories, even if you're sitting still and doing nothing; your brain and vital organs burn energy constantly.

Being physically active speeds up the calorie burn, but you don't want to overdo it; however walking daily is vital. Taking Rejuvenis Max Growth factor elevates your muscle improvement to a new level when you eat wisely and walk daily. For a super increase of muscle growth add weights with your exercise.

Catabolic foods burn more calories than they contain. For example, an apple contains around 80 or 90 calories. But the energy your body uses to metabolize the apple burns about 180 calories. So, when you eat an apple, your body burns off up to 100 calories more than you consumed. So the saying still holds true... "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

A list of high catabolic foods:
Apples, Asparagus, Blackberries, Blueberries, Broccoli, Cantaloupe,Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Grapefruit, Lemons, Romaine Lettuce, Limes, Oranges, Pears, Peppers, Pineapple, Plums, Radishes, Raspberries, sweet Potatoes, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Zucchini

Of course, this doesn't mean you can eat a greasy double-cheeseburger, and then eat five apples to make up for it. What it does mean is, if you are paying attention to your weight, as well as lean muscle, then supplementing with Rejuvenis Max Growth factor and eating certain foods will help you burn more calories, build muscle and lose fat weight faster. These are foods you can snack on throughout the day, satisfying your hunger without ruining your calorie intake.

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